Blogmas Day 14 - Christmas Tree & Decorations

Hello everyone, welcome back to Blogmas! I was finally allowed to put up my Christmas decorations so of course went all out. I thought I would share with you a few photos of what they look like because I love them.

So this is my tree, which I know doesn't look Instagram worthy or super pretty however, its full of memories. Over the years, I have picked up Christmas decorations whilst on my travels and so, every time I look at the tree, I can think back to where I bought each decoration from.

I bought this bauble from Rhodes when I was about 10. I was obsessed with anything with the Greek windmill on - postcard, canvas print - you name it, I wanted it. I remember how excited I was when I was able to buy a Christmas bauble in the middle of the summer. 

Of course I would have a plane decoration right? If you didn't know that I love aviation, where have you been! I'm literally drawn to anything plane-wise and its surprising how many things I've been able to find. 

Again, another travel decoration. This particular one is made by a family friend who is situated in the village of San Stefanos in Corfu. I missed out on one last year, so they very kindly saved me one this year, so mum picked it up when she went to visit. If you are ever in the area, I would definitely recommend popping along to Hippopots where you can paint your own item or even ask them to paint something for you if you don't feel like doing it yourself. 

I love quotes and things on decorations, especially this red tree because it has everything I think of at Christmas time on one decoration. I also have the same one but in white because I love it so much. 

I did warn you I have some plane decorations. I absolutely love this metal santa in a plane and I also have a reindeer one too! They come on a wire so you can hang them from almost anywhere and you can move them around easily. 

This was the first decoration I bought from the Christmas shop that we now always go to. I was so amazed at how many beautiful decorations they had there, that I could have spent a lot more. However, I picked up this free-standing reindeer with the cute little message on. It looks so pretty sat on the shelf and everyone always comments on it when they come to visit. 

How cute is this Noel sign. In case you hadn't realised, I love lots of little wooden Christmas decorations.  

This is my little man. He comes down from the attic ever year and I love him. He's just so small and cute.

Yes, we have the foil hanging decorations that feel like they are becoming part of the past. However, my mum has put these up for as long as I can remember and now it wouldn't be Christmas without having these up. We have also inherited my nans hanging decorations recently, so now we have them everywhere!

The newest edition is this light up wreath. Although it is suitable for outdoor use, we have decided to keep it inside in case it gets damaged or stolen. I love relaxing in the evening with this and the tree lights on - its super cosy. 

What are your favourite decorations? Do you like to bring out all the old decorations too or do you prefer a picture perfect tree?

Make sure you check back tomorrow for Blogmas day 15



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