Blogmas Day 16 - Tips For Christmas On A Budget

Hello everyone! Welcome back to another post where today I thought I would share some of my tips for doing Christmas on a budget. With things getting more expensive, not everybody has lots of spare cash to splash out on big presents, so here are my tips to have a great Christmas, without breaking the bank.

  1. Look for presents during sales throughout the year. I start this in the January sales, because you can pick up some great gift sets at a fraction of the cost. As the year goes on, I keep an eye out for other items that would make great gifts, such as scarves, jewellery etc. I then store them in a present drawer and pull them out before I do my Christmas shopping to see if there is anything suitable for someones gift. 
  2. Buy an experience - I know what you might be thinking, they are always so expensive, but they don't have to be. You don't have to buy the spa or racing car gift box, instead why not make your own. I did this last year by printing out a little poster saying I would pay for a day out at the seaside, lunch included. Personally, I think experiences are better than items because you will remember them in years to come. 
  3. Freebies - I don't mean the samples you get in a magazine. For example, a few times a year we get the M & S dine in for 2, which always comes with a free bottle of wine and sometimes some chocolates. I save these up and then give them as gifts for people around Christmas time. 
  4. Use your points - There are so many loyalty cards and schemes around but so many people just use the points when the cashier asks. Instead, why not save them up throughout the year and then use them when it comes to doing your Christmas shopping. 
  5. Vouchers - similar to above, before you buy something, check to see if you have any vouchers. There are so many great apps and websites that just take a few minutes to see if there's any vouchers you could use, so make sure you check before you buy. 
  6. Recycle - Now I know this might sound strange, I don't mean give somebody something from your recycling bin. We all receive those gifts that you pretend you love, but actually are never going to use and we normally stick them at the back of the cupboard, where they get forgotten about. Instead, why not re-gift them to somebody else - just remember not to give it back to the original person. 
  7. Pinterest - This is a great place to find alternative ideas, especially for decorations. I really wanted a frosted look Christmas tree a few years ago but they were just so expensive. After looking on pinterest, I saw that somebody had just bought a cheap normal one and spray painted the branches. Pinterest is full of DIY ideas and hacks for almost anything, so its definitely worth checking out for inspiration. 
  8. Second Hand - You can pick up some great presents from charity shops as well as eBay. I lot of these are pre-owned but it doesn't mean they have actually been used. I once managed to find a designer handbag for my mum for a fraction of the cost and it looked brand new. 
  9. Dupes - I love a good dupe and there are so many to choose from. Whether its make up, clothing or even elf on the shelf, if you do some research, you can find some good products much cheaper. I would say be careful of this though when looking at electronics etc because they may not have passed all of the safety testing they should have. 
  10. Make a budget - literally! Before the festive period begins, think of all the things you need to spend out on in the coming weeks and work out how much money you will have. Then simply divide it up, working out how much you want to spend on presents, decorations, food, party outfits etc and set aside that money. If you put the cash in an envelop and not use your card, then you can totally achieve Christmas on a budget.
I hope you enjoyed this slightly different post. I've definitely spend less this year by using these tips and I hope it will help you too. Make sure you check back tomorrow for another Blogmas post.



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