Blogmas Day 18 - Christmas Through The Years

Hello everyone, welcome back to blogmas. Today I thought I would take a trip down memory lane. Sadly, I have no photos that I can show you because they are packed at the back of the cupboard, which is a shame. I was originally going to share some photos alongside my memories however time is just going to fast and I haven't had the change to search for them.

When I was younger, I would always know when santa had been early in the morning because he would wake my dad up and he would use the bathroom (TMI I know!). In reality, mum hid my presents in the cupboard behind the bed and dad was therefore probably told to move.

I would always be so excited to go and pick up my nan, my great Aunt Mary & my great Uncle George. As soon as we got back home, I would show them what Santa had brought in my stocking that morning, before we all sat around the table and enjoyed our huge Christmas dinner.

When I was about 6, Uncle George sadly passed away, just two months before Christmas. Although a quiet man, he left a huge gap around the table. Gone were his stories of his time in the Army, his rude jokes and him being told off for his table manners (mum used to go mad when he put his knife in his mouth because I was bound to copy him).

As the years went by, Christmas because pretty much a female thing, apart from my dad sat in the corner, feeling a bit out of place. Mary would be singing all the old songs, or complaining about something. Nan would be sat quietly at the table and come out with the odd one liner that would have us in stitches. I used to get so excited after lunch because santa would come back for a second visit, this time bringing presents for everyone and even more presents for me. I remember one year, being so happy because I received one of those silver fold up scooters that everybody had. Up and down the garden I went, for hours. By late afternoon, Auntie Mary decided she wanted a go, so at 78 years old, she climbed onto the scooter and tried to zoom along the living room floor. Of course, she fell off, having never rode a scooter before and subsequently I was told off. Auntie Mary thought it was wonderful though and said she needed more practice.

It's memories such as these that I now look back on fondly. Sadly, about 4 years ago, both my nan and Auntie Mary were both moved into nursing homes, after being deemed unfit to live in their own homes. This changed Christmas for us majorly. We no longer had to go and pick them up, instead, we went to visit them, but only for a short while. They grew tired quickly and got confused easily. About a year later, just after Christmas Auntie Mary died. Although nan is still with us in body (just), her mind is in the past and she is more often than not calling out for her parents, her brother or her twin sister Mary.

At the end of September this year, my mum was suddenly rushed into hospital with a suspected kidney infection. You may recall that my blog, YouTube channel & social media suddenly went silent. This kidney infection, turned out to be a huge kidney stone. One that had been brewing for a few months and as a consequence, was surrounded by a huge infection - sepsis. If you don't know, sepsis is a huge killer of people of all ages, mainly because the symptoms can be liked with so many other infections, it's often missed. Just 24 hours after mum was rushed in, we were being told that she had been placed on oxygen because the sepsis was shutting down her organs. What really hit home though was the Dr saying that just 24 hours later getting to hospital and mum wouldn't have survived.

This post was not in any way aimed at putting a downer on Christmas or looking for pity. Inside I wanted to share this post because I wanted to spread a simple message - make the most of what you have, especially at Christmas time, because you don't know what will have changed by the next one. Maybe you don't get along with a family member or the kids are drivi you insane with their new toys. Just put those things aside for just one day and enjoy the day - lets face it, it is just 1 day out of 365. Life can dramatically change in a split second, whether for good or bad. In years to come you will look back on those memories, so surely you don't want any regrets?

I'll be back tomorrow with another blogmas post so make sure you check back then.



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