Blogmas Day 20 & 21 - Festive Candles & A Naughty Elf

Hello everyone, welcome back to Blogmas. You might have noticed that I missed a couple of days so I thought I would put them together again. In all honesty, I have no excuse - I just didn't get round to writing them.

Blogmas Day 20 - My Festive Candles

I treated myself to my first Christmas candle a few years ago and chose the Yankee Candle Red Apple Wreath one. I will admit that I haven't burnt it all that much, partly because I just never seem to be home long enough but probably more due to the fact that it cost me so much. Instead, at the beginning of December, I usually open it and just let it sit on the side. The good this about Yankee Candles is that they create a great scent pay off without even burning it. So I still get the scent of the candle without having to use it - I will of course use it up one day.

The next couple of candles are by the brand Essence which has really taken off this year. I picked these two up from B & M back in the summer but decided to save them until this time of year to burn them. The first is Cranberry Woods and the second is Radiant Red Maple. Both of these smell amazing without being too over-powering. They are so cheap but they last such a long time and the payoff scent fills the room.

Overall, I have to admit that I much prefer the Essence ones and am definitely going to stock up on them when I next go to B & M!

Blogmas Day 21 - A Naughty Elf

You have probably heard of Elf on the Shelf by now - if not what rock have you been hiding under? As with previous years, the elf visited us again this year and we have all had fun placing him and looking for him each morning. I thought I would share a few photos showing you what our elf has been up to this month...

So our elf arrived bringing with him chocolate treats.

He soon made himself at home on dads model.

He made a swing from our hanging decoration.

When exploring, he got locked in the washing machine. 

When trying to get to the treat cupboard, he got stuck. 

He also took charge and decided we would have a family night, without the tv!

I hope you enjoyed today's double post. I'll be back tomorrow for Blogmas day 22 so make sure you check back then!



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