Blogmas Day 23 - My Christmas Eve Routine

Hello everyone and welcome back to Blogmas. Firstly, I can't believe how fast this month has gone so far and secondly that there is only a couple more days of Blogmas left! 

Today I thought I would talk you through my typical Christmas Eve routine and let you know the types of things I will be doing tomorrow. 

On Christmas Eve I like to have a lie in and wake up naturally, both to prepare myself for the busy few days to come and also because I have usually been out with friends the next before and need that time to recover. So for me Christmas Eve doesn't really begin until 10am, when I have my breakfast, then its time to go full speed. 

We store all our freezer food over at the flat so the first thing we do is go and collect that. Added to this are any presents over there as well as bringing back so extra chairs because we never have enough. Once we get back home, me and mum try to prep as much of the food as possible - things like sausage rolls, party platters etc. This creates the most delicious smell throughout the house and usually ends up with us trying to stop my dad from eating all the party food!

About lunchtime, we drive to pick up my nan and then all go up to the crem to lay some wreaths for both my grandads and my great aunt Mary. Once we have done this, we then drive over to the nursing home to visit my other nan, spending time with her and the other residents. We then drop nan off and pick up Trixie, before taking her on a long walk to tire her out. 

Post walk is usually the time that I edit any vlogmas videos still outstanding and write those last minute blog posts. About 4pm, we usually start to tidy the downstairs so that we can just pull the table out in the morning and write a to-do list for the morning. 

With everything prepared, its then time to relax. I usually take this time to have a relaxing soak in the bath and this year will be no exception because I've saved the Golden Wonder bath bomb to use. I have a bit of a pamper and wash my hair, whilst catching up on vlogmas videos or reading a book. We then sit down as a family and watch a Christmas movie, followed by festive tv programmes. 

Then, with nothing else left to do, its time to go to bed, ready for a busy and long day tomorrow. What do you do on Christmas Eve? Do you have any traditions? 

I'll be back tomorrow with an exciting collaboration, so make sure you check back! 



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