Blogmas Day 6 - Lush Christmas Haul - Collab With BeautyByElliex

Hello everyone. Welcome to Blogmas day 6, which an exciting collab with the lovely Beauty By Ellie. We are both suckers for bath bombs and recently went on a shopping spree where we both spent quite a bit in Lush. Make sure you go and check out Ellie's post (CLICK HERE) once you have read mine because she bought some different things to me.

I always buy this Golden Wonder bath bomb which I love to save for Christmas Eve. Its now become part of a tradition and over the years, I've made a bit of a routine of pampering myself on Christmas Eve. 

Candy Mountain bubble bar was actually one of the first things I ever tried from Lush and I love how many bubbles it creates. 

I used to buy the melting snowman but as they don't do it anymore, I thought I would go for this bubbleroon instead. 

It wouldn't be Christmas without the butterbear. I probably get through about 4 or 5 of these each year. I love the scent as well as how it makes my skin feel. 

Although the Snow Angel bath melt has been out for a few years but I've never actually bought it before, so I'm excited to try it out. 

How cute is this Christmas Sweater! I haven't seen this one before so maybe its a new one but I'm definitely looking forward to trying it. 

You have to love a Christmas pudding at Christmas & how pretty is this one!

Last but not least is this one which I can't actually remember what its called (Oops!) It smells amazing though so I know I'm going to love it.

As I mentioned above, make sure you check out Ellie's post and maybe leave her a little comment. I'll be back with another post tomorrow for Blogmas Day 7. 



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