Blogmas Day 8 - Gift Ideas For The Dog

Hello everyone, welcome back to Blogmas day 8 and yet another gift guide. I can't believe how quickly this month is going - this is only 1 of 2 gift ideas posts left. I usually do a gift guide for animals in general, but because I have a dog, I decided to pick things that I know she would love. 

This cute champagne bottle squeaks and will probably be chewed to pieces after a couple of days but for £3 you can't go wrong. 

This again is cheap and cheerful, coming in at just £1

Trixie loves playing fetch and even more so, loves playing tug of war, so this Christmas pudding frisbee would come in perfect and costs £4

Again, another cheap and cheerful toy is this one in the shape of a Christmas tree. Lets face it, they will also look pretty in Instagram photos too! This cute toy comes in at £1

I know Trixie would love this pigs in blankets tug toy because I bought her one last year and she loves it. Whats more is its still going strong and for £6, I might pick up another one. 

How cute is this santa ball! This costs just £2

Onto non-toy items, how about some dog beer! This gift set comes with two bottles of beer and some chips, therefore, your dog can have some at Christmas & at New Year. The gift set comes in at £6.49

With all of the food lying around over Christmas, its important to make sure your dog isn't eating something they shouldn't, so why not pick up this Christmas Banquet by Wainwrights for just £1.69

Last but not least are these Whimzees dental treats. I love these because they last ages and it means that for just £8, I can watch the Christmas tv programmes in piece. 

I hope you enjoyed today's gift ideas post. All of the items are available from Pets At Home - top tip, pick up a VIP magazine first, so that you can use the vouchers that are always inside to save yourself some more money! Make sure you check back tomorrow for another Blogmas post.



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