Beauty Products I Can't Live Without

Hello everyone, welcome back.

I thought today I would take about some of the products I just simply can't live without. These are the things that get me through the day, are part of my routine and allow me to function every week. Rather than choosing specific brands, I've decided to just pick types of products because there are just so many that I love, I simply could not narrow it down to one per type. I have however included a few photos of some of my favourites to brighten up this post a bit!

Tinted Moisturiser 

I wouldn't say that I'm the type of girl who has to apply foundation before she leaves the house - that just isn't me. Even at school, whilst everyone was slapping on the dream matt moose, I chose to wear tinted moisturiser. For me, I felt this let my skin breathe more, whilst still getting a healthy glow and its something I've carried on into adulthood. 


I feel like I look bald when I haven't got mascara on and so I pretty much wear it on a daily basis. Even if I don't have any other make up on, just wearing mascara makes me feel so much better.

Hand Cream

I couldn't imagine live without hand cream, its such a staple part of my routine. Whilst not everyone remembers to use a hand cream, I'll admit that I use it on average about three times a day. I especially like to use it during the winter months to stop my hands from becoming sore. 

Face Mask

There is no way I would be able to live without face masks. There are so many different ones available these days, that there is pretty much one for every skin complaint. For example - need to deep cleanse your skin, buy an exfoliating mask. Need to hydrate your skin, buy a moisturising mask etc. There are literally so many to choose from but I particularly love the Garnier moisture bomb range. 

Lip Balm

I am always applying lip balm! For me, whilst I have my favourites, I'm not actually that fussy when it comes to lip balms as long as it does the job. I love applying it before I go to sleep because I love how soft and moisturised my lips feel when I wake up. 

So there we have my essential beauty products that I simply could not live without. Do you have any products that you couldn't live without? Maybe there is something you think I should try? Let me know.

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