January In Photo's

Hello everyone and welcome back. So at the start of the year, one of my blogging goals was to bring back original post ideas. These were things that I used to do, that for whatever reason, I stopped doing. One of these was my month in photo's, which I used to love doing because it meant that I would get out and do more throughout the month, so that I could take photo's. Of course, I just had to bring it back and so here is the first edition of the year...

So the month started with this little madam running off! So she is now firmly staying on the lead. 

But she is still as cute as ever!

2018 is the year where I want to be more motivated in the morning, so I start off with breakfast and writing a to do list. 

This was a sad moment because it was the last item I had from the Lush Christmas range. 

I'm obsessed with these embroidered nightshirts from Primark. They are super flattering and really comfy too!

I've started leaving my curtains open at night so that I get woken up by the sun in the morning and so I've already seen some great sunrises. 

I'll admit it was tough going back to work after the Christmas break, so to cheer myself up, I curled my hair.

So after 4 long years I finally got to meet up with my good friend Laurence and of course we had to take a selfie to mark the occasion. I just hope we don't leave it so long next time!

I had to mention this because Dunkirk finally came out on dvd and I'm obsessed with it. I watched it in the cinema as soon as it came out and had been dying to watch it again ever since. 

This is the products I am currently using on my face everyday and I love the natural look it gives. 

I have stepped up my fitness routine, which I will talk about in another post. One of the main things I've changed is using protein shakes to help me get better results. 

Me & mum wen't on a road trip to Bristol to do some shopping and whilst I didn't buy much, it was a fun day out. 

I just wanted to include this here to remind you that if you haven't already done so, book to have your smear test. 

This was the latest cute thing Trixie did - resting her head on the table in the hope that she would get some food. 

I finally got to use my lens travel mug. However I can just tell that at some point this year, I'm going to try and stick it on my actual camera instead. 

January was filled with country walks but that is not the point of this picture. Firstly, I've been trying to get out and use my camera more over the last few weeks. But more importantly, I've finally found a pair of wellies that fit and are comfortable!

I finally got to go inside the Bishops Palace in Wells. We had previously done the gardens, however, the palace was always shut when we visited. 

Of course a visit to Wells wouldn't be complete without seeing the stunning cathedral. 

On the way back from Wells, we pasted through Glastonbury and I promise you, the tor is on the hill somewhere!

Trixie is becoming such a little poser and I think it helps that I'm finally getting to grips with my camera. 

So much so, that I was able to take photos such as this!

I just thought I'd finish on this screenshot of my blog because I love how it looks and its inspired me to make even better content, so if there is anything you would like me to do, leave it in the comments down below. 

Until next time



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