Minimalism & Me - Decluttering My Clothes

Hello everyone & welcome back to my minimalism series. Today I'm back with the biggest task of all - my clothes. I will admit that I have a Primark addiction and end up buying so many clothes that I really don't need. Over the past couple months, I've noticed that I'm wearing the same things over and over again, purely because there is so much in my wardrobe, that I can't see what I actually have. 

For me, sorting out my clothes was a huge task and so I put aside a whole 5 hours to get the task done and this is the result...

Tucked in the back of my wardrobe were a couple of coats that I'd completely forgot about. The green one, I haven't worn for over two years - I can even pinpoint the day. It was a horrible day and as a result bad memories were attached to this coat so why did I keep it. 
I used to love the navy coat, but when it no longer fitted, I pushed it to the back of the wardrobe and hoped that I would one day fit in it again. What I didn't ever think was that it would now be too big for me and that because it is shaped, it just doesn't look right anymore. 

Why do I have so many old jumpers! They look so bobbly and awful looking that I never pick them to wear but yet I keep them. They are all so chunky and take up so much room, that even if I just got rid of these and nothing else, I'd still free up a huge proportion of my wardrobe. 

Onto tops which is by far my biggest downfall. Although by the photo you can see there are a lot of tops, what you can't see is that a lot of them are the same design, just in every colour available. They are the ribbed vest tops with the ruffle detail from Primark, which a couple of years ago, I was obsessed with. I ended up buying every colour they did, even if the shade didn't suit me. Other than that I have a couple of striped tops which I never wear and also some basics which have seen better days. 

Look how many pairs of jeans I've kept hold of that just don't fit right! I've come to the conclusion that they have to fit well in order for me to wear them. Also to one side which looks like a bad set of curtains is my jumpsuit which I love, but unfortunately, I shrunk it and it now isn't long enough in the body. 

I am definitely one of those people who live in pyjamas. As soon as I get home, I change straight into them and so I'm not surprised that I have so many. Over the last six months or so, my style of pyjamas have changed and I now much prefer my grown up ones - either silk pj sets or the long sleeve night shirts from Primark. Therefore, my character ones just had to go!

I wish I had taken before and after photos so that you could see how much space getting rid of all this had created. I can now see everything I have and am currently in the process of organising my clothes into sections. I now also wear clothes in the evenings instead of always being in pyjamas which is great. 

Until next time



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