No Spend January - How I Got On

Hello everyone, welcome back!

If you saw my blog post a couple of weeks ago, you will know that I decided that I wanted to do no spend January in order to help me save some more money and stop spending on things I don't need. As promised, this is my follow up post, letting you all know how I got on. In actual fact, I'm starting this blog post the day after that first blog post went up because I thought it would be fun to do it as more of a diary format, so that I can document the highs and lows.

11th January

So today is the first real day that I'm struggling. Its my day off and all I want to do is go into town. Its probably down to the fact that I watched several poundland hauls last night and now want to film another one of my own - however, I'm going to resist. I also want to get a rug and some other bits from Ikea so I've decided to create a list on my phone, with the items I would like to buy. At the end of the month I can go back through the list, take off anything I've changed my mind about and prioritise what is left.

12th January

Oops! Just spend £18 on a takeaway for me and Dan. My excuse though is its Friday night and we were having a movie night in. I know I really should just be cooking instead but I can't find the motivation. I think its these dark evenings - roll on Spring! I've also ordered a dress on eBay that came in at £11 including postage.

18th January

This morning I woke up and decided that I couldn't wait any longer for the rug I wanted and so off to Ikea I went. Of course, I couldn't just buy one item, as well as the rug, I also bought an amazing photo of a plane and a frame to match with my Christmas money. Next to Ikea is an Asda Living store which I always go in and I'm pleased that I did because I managed to pick up a pair of wellies for £16. I have needed a new pair of wellies for ages but haven't found any that I like and that fit so I kind of feel like this was an essential.

22nd January

Now, you might think I'm mad, but I planned a shopping trip in Bristol today. I really enjoyed looking around the shops and barely bought anything which I'm pleased about. Everything I bought was with vouchers apart from a bottle of water and some lunch, coming to a total of £8. The items I got with my vouchers were a sports bra £4 in the sale, as well as two Fleur De Force eyebrow products.

29th January

Today is the day I thought I'd finish off this post. Obviously, there are still a few days to go until February, however, I'm at work all of those days and so don't plan on spending anymore money. I will admit that I have today spend £28 on a new dog bed for Trixie because the state her old one was in, I just had to throw it out. 

Overall, I think that no spend January has been a big wake up call for me. Its meant that I've looked more into where my money actually goes and made better choices about certain things. The items that were on my list, which totalled 10 items, are pretty much forgotten, so I obviously didn't really want or need them. I sat down and looked at all my direct debits and cancelled the ones I didn't want, freeing up some more money. I also looked at some of the charities I support and changed a couple of them too. As much as its a great idea to support charities, I've realised I can't donate to every single one of them and so will be changing the charity I donate to on rotation.

Now that the end of the month is here, I'll admit that I still haven't really got any spare money. This isn't because of me overspending this month, but is a result of me overspending in the past, which has meant that the money I have saved, I have put straight towards paying off my store credit and credit cards. No spend January has helped me to achieve this and has also opened my eyes more to money and my spending habits. 

I highly recommend trying it for yourself, even if you don't have a spending problem like me, because you sometimes don't realise exactly what your money is going on. In today's world we want everything as cheap as possible but this means we are definitely a lot more frivolous as well. If you do take part in a no spend month, let me know in the comments how you get on and how you found the journey, because I'd love to know.

Until next time



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