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Hi, I am Iga and you might know me from I've covered a variety of subjects since 2015 and during the past couple of years I've focused mainly on travel. You can read about my time in Sicily, Boston, London, Thailand, Budapest, and other exciting places! I still share snippets of my lifestyle such as spa experiences and thoughts about minimalism. Time to time you will also find beauty recommendation but this is only when a product really catches my attention for all of the good reasons! 

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What made you start your blog?
I created for a few reasons, but my younger sister’s holiday was one of the major ones. I knew that the best way to get to her was by using her natural curiosity rather forcing my advice on her. That’s why writing posts was a great way to communicate all the things I wanted her to know about traveling alone.
What are your goals for this year?
I would love to meet with more bloggers than I ever had a chance! I would love a creative get together and a brainstorming session.
If you could shop for free at any shop, where would you choose?
Rather than shop for free I would love to be able to book as many flights as I want, years in advance with one of the major airlines for free. My holidays would be sorted and finally would visit all of the places I can only dream of visiting now!
Do you have any pets?
Not yet but I would love to have a dog. I used to have a cheeky and very playful Jack Russell. It might be a clichĂ© but he was my best friend! 
Whats one product you can't live without?
That’s a tough question. I could live without many products, however my phone is definitely a huge help to keep in touch with my friends and family. Living away without knowing that I can call them at any time would be a big challenge for sure! Even if they or I  do not need to call, the thought that we can is very reassuring. Also what can be better than a Sunday evening catch up call with mum?
What was the last song you listened to?

David Guetta – Titanium ft. Sia

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