Minimalism & Me - Decluttering Winter essentials & Accessories

Hello everyone and welcome back to another quick post in my minimalism series. Spring will soon be here and I thought what it would be the perfect time to go through all my hats, gloves and scarves. I have noticed that I tend to stick to the same ones each time and so thought now was as good a time as any, to throw away the ones I never reach for. I keep my winter essentials with some other accessories, so thought I would go through them as well. 
It wasn't many but here it the results...

Decluttered were: 

  • 2 winter scarves that I no longer wear
  • 2 snoods that I have never worn because they are just too chunky for me
  • 1 silk scarf that has a cute picture of a dog but I know I'd never wear
  • Knitted bobble hat that does not suit me at all
  • Baseball cap, which I used to wear on holidays abroad, but as I don't go abroad much, its just taking up space
  • 2 belts that I had as a teenager but can't even get done up now!
  • Pink purse which has seen better days and the zip in broken
  • Leopard print travel bag which I received as a free item with something else but is just too big for everyday use and too small for a weekend away. 
So that is everything that I decluttered this morning. Although its not as much as other posts, I feel like I'm still making good progress and every little section helps to become more minimalist. 

Until next time



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