Product Review - Starskin Plumping & Hydrating Lip Mask

Hello everyone & welcome back! 

I mentioned recently that I wanted to get back to basics with my blog and do the posts I used to do - reviews. Therefore I'm kicking them off with a quick little review of the Starskin Plumping & Hydrating Bio-Cellulose Second Skin Lip Mask - what a mouthful. 

I received this mask back in December from my ASOS advent calendar and whilst I had heard of Starskin before this, I had never tried anything from the brand before. I was excited to try this product because the recent cold weather had made my lips really sore and cracked and I just wanted something to make them feel normal again. I will admit that I was pretty doubtful that it would both plump and moisturise because a lot of two in one products only end up doing one thing. 

Before receiving this one, I had never tried a lip mask before so not only was I intrigued to see if it would work, I was also intrigued as to how to apply it. I have to say it proved very difficult to peel the two protective layers off. I was really fiddly unless it was just me! 
Once I managed to peel them off, I applied it, following the instructions but found it to be really slippery. It took a lot of re positioning to get it in the right place, so I would definitely say you can't do much else during the 15 minutes you have to leave it on fore. 

In terms of how it felt when it was on, it did feel really strange having something stuck there for so long and I kept forgetting that I couldn't have a drink. Having said that, it didn't irritate my skin at all and felt nice and nourishing. 

Once I peeled off the mask, I was expecting a residue to be left on my lips but there was none at all, however, my lips did feel super soft and moisturised. As for plumping, I did notice a slight difference but I think there are other products that would do more plumping. 

Overall though I really liked this mask and would highly recommend just taking 15 minutes to try it for yourself. It has fast become one of my winter essentials!

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