Favourite Apps For Blogging

Hello everyone, welcome back.

Following on from my How I juggle blogging with a full time job post, I thought I would share what apps I use regularly to help me with my blog. 


This is the main place I promote my latest posts and is also where I join in on blogger chats, meeting new people and gaining ideas. I also use Twitter to ask for recommendations, opinions and just to have a chat with my audience.


This is a great blogging platform where you can either write your posts from scratch through or just simply promote posts from your own blog. You can also save posts to read at a later date, which I've always found useful when commuting to work. I can save posts that interest me in the morning and then read them at lunchtime. 


Surprisingly, this is where I have gained a lot of my audience for my blog. Creating simply yet effective photos have then sent people over to my blog. The key points to note here is making sure you use the appropriate hashtags as well as writing an eye catching caption. 


This is the platform I use to schedule by tweets. I'm unable to post anything when I'm working and so I rely on the buffer app in order to promote my posts during this time. I try to schedule them all the night before, so that when I wake up in the morning, I haven't got to worry. The in the evenings, I can reply to comments and just generally engage with people, rather than try to constantly promote my latest post. 

These are the main four apps that I use on a regular basis. Is there any that you use that you think I might benefit from?

Until next time



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