February & March In Photos

Hello everyone, welcome back. As you may already know, I've been pretty quiet over here for the last couple of months and thought I would update you with what I have been up to during this time. What better way to do this than a month in photos post - how about two months in photos! So here is what I've been up to...

Do you have those places that you always drive past and comment that one day you'll stop off there? This was mine - The Seven Sisters. Its a walk in somerset that has been photographed so many times and I've always wanted to visit but I didn't know where it was to. However, it turns out it is just down the road from another walk we usually do and so I finally saw The Seven Sisters! 

Not only is The Seven Sisters a great walk in general, it also has an abundance of wildlife. 

I spend a good couple of hours at The Seven Sisters, mainly because I wanted a good photo of the robin that had followed us the whole way round. I'm not a very patient person, however this time it paid off!

Another place I had wanted to visit for a while was the Bishops Palace in Wells. I have previously walked around the gardens there, however, there has always been an event on that has meant that the palace has been closed. This time I was in luck and I can finally say that I have been!

We also had another look around the beautiful gardens and also watched the swans for a bit. 

It wouldn't be a visit to Wells without popping into the beautiful cathedral as well as a look around the local market. 

Me & mum have spent quite a bit of time in the car over the last couple of months so I thought I'd pop a car selfie in this post. 

Another place we have wanted to visit for a while is Oakeham treasures in Bristol. It is full of all old packaging and other memorabilia, so we took nan with us. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and even had afternoon tea there too! I've posted some more photos from here over on my Instagram so make sure you're following me. If not, CLICK HERE 

Lastly, finally got to go to the beach in the sunshine! A first for 2018
Watchet in Somerset is a quiet, pictureque area that I hadn't visited for quite a few years. We had a walk to the next beach along the coastal path as well as a walk around Watchet harbour. 

There is just something about going to the beach when the sun is out that I just love.

And of course it wouldn't be complete without an ice cream. Trixie certainly made a mess with hers but enjoyed it all the same.

Until next time



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