How I Juggle Blogging With A Full Time Job

Hello everyone & welcome back. 

For today's post, I thought I would share with you how I juggle blogging whilst holding down a full time job. I have been blogging on and off for about five years now and throughout that time, I've always worked full time. I have to admit that if I could, I would love to just work solely on my blog full time, however at the moment, that is just not possible. 

My full time job means that I work 9-5, five days a week and so blogging has always had to fit in around that. As much as I love blogging, sometimes when I get home from work I just don't want to write so I always try to have some posts already written and scheduled. Therefore, if I don't feel like writing on a particular day, I'm not necessarily missing a posting day. Creating a schedule has definitely helped me to continue blogging, without becoming stressed or feeling pressurised to write something. My schedule has changed over time as I've got more used to blogging. I started off writing a post once a week, moving up to two a couple of years later and adding an additional post more recently, meaning that I was posting 3 times a week. As much as I kept up with this, I personally prefer it when I was sticking to two posts a week and will probably just do extra posts every now and again. 

Another thing I've struggled with in the past is photo lighting, especially during the winter months. By the time I get home, its usually pretty dark and so I've always been limited to taking my photos on a Sunday when I can make the most of the daylight. To combat this, I've recently bought a product light box and a selfie phone ring light, so hopefully in the coming weeks, you will be able to notice the difference. 

In terms of how I cope, I thought I would share a few tips that I've learnt along the way, to help me blog and work. The main one for me is lists - whether this is on your phone or pen & paper, I've found its really important to jot down any ideas as soon as you think of them. I have utilised the notes section on my iPhone and always have ideas there so that when I'm feeling stuck, I can pick something from the list. 

Another must for me is to use a diary. It doesn't have to be a bloggers one, just a basic one would do fine. However I do think its important because you can plan your posts in advance and try to write several posts at a time so you are always in front.

Creating a schedule is another important tip because not only do you know what you're doing, your audience will also know when you will be uploading a new post. Posting little but often is much better in my opinion than posting sporadically. 

Having a blogging day works well for me. I plan exactly what I need to achieve the night before so that when I wake up, I can get straight to work. I usually start off by taking all the photos that I need to for several posts. Whilst these are downloading, I write the posts before editing any photos I need to and uploading to the post. All that's left for me to do is schedule the post, it really is that simple.

How do you cope with blogging and working full time? I'd love to pick up some more tips. 

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  1. I really struggle to juggle the both too! I definitely need to get into some sort of schedule/routine - but it so bloody difficult!

    I do currently have about 6 posts pre-written and i've never felt so organised in all my life... haha!

    I'm definitely going to steal some of your tips - thanks for sharing!

    Ysabelle x

    1. I hope some of my tips help you. I agree its so difficult to get into a routine but once you get there, it all becomes so much easier!

  2. I really struggle balancing full-time work alongside my blog and I often find one suffers the more I focus on the other, I really need to strike the right balance! It sounds like you have some really good ways to keep on track though!

    Allanah /

    1. I do now but it took me a while to get there!


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