Life Updates

Hello everyone and welcome back. 

As you can probably tell by the title of this post, a few things have changed in my life recently and I feel like it time to fill you in on what has been going on. I made the decision at the end of February to take March off from blogging because with everything going on, I didn't want the added pressure of trying to write blog posts when I wasn't feeling it. Taking this time out, I was still able to write posts if I felt like it, but I didn't feel like I had to stick to my usual schedule.

Single Pringle

At the beginning of March, the decision was made that me and my boyfriend had grown apart and no longer suited each other. Whilst this was a difficult decision to make, I know it is for the best and I'm now concentrating on my own wellbeing and happiness. I won't be going any further into it but I wish him all the best for the future. With breaking up came the decision of what to do with Trixie. Giving her up was not an option and so it was decided that I would take her on a temporary full time basis, until my boyfriend had sorted a few things out. This meant that we suddenly had to fit Trixie and all of her belongings into our small house, as well as a lot of my own too. This has meant the last couple of weeks have been quite hectic, but I'm pleased to say everything now has a place. 


As much as I was enjoying making videos alongside my blog, my parents house has really bad wifi and so for now, this is going on the back burner. Instead, some of the things I used to do on there, I will try and do in the form of blog posts instead. Hopefully at some point, I'll be back making videos, but until then, I'll concentrating on my blog. 


I have been continuing with my minimalism journey and this is something that I want to continue to explore. I'm hoping to create more content on this, to hopefully help inspire anyone who is thinking about starting their own minimalism journey. Whilst recent events meant I had to find homes for more items, it also meant that there were a lot of things that just no longer made me happy and so I was able to let them go. 

My Health

Because I've had more time to myself, I've been making more of a conscious effort to look after myself. Something that I very rarely admit to and I don't think I've ever spoke about it on my blog, is that I struggle with my hearing. A few weeks ago, a decided enough was enough and booked an appointment to get my hearing checked. The results showed that I do indeed have some hearing problems and I'm currently having more tests done, so I will go into more detail in a few week time. 
I have also been trying to eat a more balanced diet and get more regular exercise, to enable me to feel better in myself.

Happiness & Positivity 

The last few weeks have taught me that happiness is everything and that by being a more positive person in general, things can become a lot different. This is something I would like to continue going forward and I want to try to eliminate the things that don't make me happy. Again, I will talk about this more in depth in another post soon. 

So that's everything I feel I needed to update you on. As you can tell, a lot has changed in just a few short weeks but I believe its for the better. I will be making some small changes to my content on here, not only because I have more time to concentrate on my blog but because I enjoy it too, so keep an eye out for that. 

Until next time



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