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Hello everyone, welcome back.

As I've said previously, I liked to write more fashion based posts on here because its something I've always been interested in but have never explored on here. I thought I'd kick it off with where I find inspiration and ideas from. 

In terms of my style, I wouldn't say I follow the trends. Whilst I find things that I like a lot of the time, you won't see me rocking the latest look. My style is very much for comfort and if it looks ok, then great. 


A lot of celebrities follow the latest trend, so I don't always look to them for inspiration. Having said that, there are three celebrities that I have admired their style for quite a few years now and I'll always look to them for inspiration. 
Jessica Simpson
I first saw Jessica when The Newlyweds aired on tv and I became hooked pretty quickly. In fact, I think most of my teenage years was spent wearing a similar style to her and that has definitely continued into adulthood. There is always something so classic yet glamorous about Jessica's style and I especially love pairing jeans with heels, a basic top and then a pop of colour or pattern with a blazer or cardigan. 

Lauren Conrad
Another reality star that I have followed for a very long time is Lauren Conrad. I first saw her on Laguna Beach, followed by The Hills. Again her style is simple but chic and is not that different to the style of Jessica. I wear a lot of black during my day to day life and love pairing it with a splash of colour with a cardigan or scarf. 

Alex Gerrard
Who can remember the 2006 World Cup? This was went I first saw Alex because all of the papers were covering the style of the footballer wags rather than the actual world cup. Again I love that Alex's style is glamourous without trying too hard and even just in basic things, she still looks really stylish. 


I spent quite a lot of my time watching videos on YouTube so of course I would look to there for style inspiration. Rather than explain why I like them, I thought I would just link them below so that you can check them out for yourself, otherwise this post would be super long!

Where do you find style inspiration from? I'd love to know so leave me a comment. I'm going to try and post more outfit shots over on my Instagram so make sure you're following me (If you're not, CLICK HERE

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